How to get Waves

I remember seeing my cousin with 360 waves like his hair looked flawless and all I had was ripples on the top so I asked him to teach me the game tell me his secret dog just said brush , brush like what you think I’ve been doing didn’t tell me about my crown any what Angles to brush what product to use or anything yeah dog didn’t tell me shit I have gave up on getting waves I thought I didn’t have the right hair type my sides just wouldn’t Cooperate.

Waves are basically laid down curls . So with enough brushing you train your hair to grow a certain way.. The wavy way lbs

So the first thing you would need is a Brush probably 2 or one with a soft and medium side , but before you start brushing you have to know the proper angles to brush so your waves can connect  

Durags you will need a durag to save all the progress you make and there are different types of durags silky satin, poly,all of them will work but stay tf away from cotton do rags don't let them touch your hair

Hair products , A Lot of people start off with a pomade because its heavy and helps lay down hair easier than other hair products everyone has their own

And the most important thing you will need is MF Brush Work and I wrote it like that so you know how important it is like Waves take that serious like I thought I was putting in work till I got into the Facebook groups Natural Elite Waves aka N.E.W and the group Elitespins . They made it very clear to me that it is Levels to Brush work.

And Wolf , wolfing is when you let you hair grow out more than you normally would to let your waves become deeper and more defined