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    Blue Velvet Durag   Look lit and stay fresh with Lux Ru's Blue Velvet Durag. This top-of-the-line accessory will have people doing double takes as it seals in moisture, keeps your waves looking on point, and adds a touch of class to any outfit. Show 'em who's boss!   Features You Want   Our blue velvet durag is the perfect accessory for all wave-masters wanting to stay ahead of the pack. Get ready to turn heads with these features:    Super soft and luxurious – look as good as you feel in this silky-smooth fabric that's comfortable enough for all day wear.   Durable construction– keep your waves looking perfect without the worry of your durag falling apart. • Intense compression power – keep your hair flat and frizz-free, so you can confidently rock your waves all day long.    Suitable for waves, braids and any other hairstyle – let your style shine with a durag that's versatile enough to suit any look.    Long straps for one size fits all – feel secure knowing this durag will fit snugly on any head shape.

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    Perfect starter palm  brush to get waves, lightweight and fits in pocket